Homemade chicken soup

Simple yet delicious homemade chicken soup

08 Jan 2018

During these cold nights and rainy days, what better way to sit back and relax with a warm bowl of our wholesome chicken soup. January is soup month and we want to join in! Using just these simple ingredients and our tender chicken breast you can make a homemade soup easily that is healthy, and everyone will love it!

The following soup method serves 10 portions and is ready in 2 hours – it’s perfect for reheating and lasts a couple of days. To make less, just half the ingredient portions.

• 1 whole chicken
• 4 carrots to be cut in half
• 4 celery stalks to be cut in half
• 1 large onion to be cut in half
• Water to cover ingredients
• Salt and pepper for seasoning


Once the carrots, celery and onion have been prepared, put them into a large soup pot with the whole chicken and cover all ingredients with water (do not cover the pot).
Simmer on a high heat until the chicken meat isn’t pink and falls of the bone – you may find that foam starts to form through simmering so skim of the foam throughout.

Next, take everything out of the pot and sieve the stock to make a smoother liquid. Take the meat out from the bones and further chop the carrots, celery and onion.
To finish the soup, place the sieved stock, chicken, carrots, celery, and onion back into the pot (without the bones) and heat for 5 mins.

Just simply season the soup with salt and pepper and stir all the ingredients well and your homemade soup is ready!

Quick tip:

This is a great base recipe to learn. Feel free to add herbs, paste, rice or whatever you like to make mouth-watering dishes.